What is a hot tub ozonator?

Sometimes we need products for our hot tub’s that we did not even knew they exist. Something like a hot tub ozonator. It is like having a car with a cilinder, you know you need a cilinder in the car but what is actually the use of it? To chose the best hot tub ozonator check out this article. Luckily we do not have to test the several hot tub ozonator’s out there, this is already done by the test pannel. The short definition of a hot tub ozonator would: A device with ultraviolet light and CD-chips makes ozon gas. This gas is used to cleanse the water from any batteries and micro organisms. Ozon gas is the fastest working disinfection and cleansing remedy that is out there.

Hot tub ozonator explained

The best way to explain something is to start at the core. An ozonator uses ozone gas, this is created by light in combination with oxygen. A great example is our own earths atmosphere. The protection we have from just in space, has the same features as a hot tub ozonator. This gas is also combined with jacuzzi water, and it is the best chemical out there (although it is not a chemical but gas). It breaks down all the human bacterias, oils and other dirt. A great advantage of using ozone gas is that you do not have to use so much chemicals and chloride as you did before. The gas will provide a natural cleaning solution without biting into your skin or the hot tub materials.

Another benefit of ozone gas is that is is much stronger than normal water sanitizers. It will kill more dirt, insects and bacterias as ever before. People with eczema especially should always buy a hot tub ozonator instead of other chemicals. It is not harmful for skin, nails and eyes, but also not harmful for any eczema patients. Another benefit of a hot tub ozonator is that any bacterias from a skin with eczema are killed and do not flow in the jacuzzi afterwards. Not only people with eczema but also people with a sensitive skin are save with a good ozonator. The ozon gas is not harmful or damaging for a sensitive skin and can be applied and replaced at any given moment. Another benefit is that your chloride and other cleanings solutions can be limited to a minimal number, which saves a lot of money on the long term!

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