What Are The Different Types Of Terrarium Heater?

If you are concerned about the heating matter for reptiles and looking for best the terrarium heater, you should know that there are several different ways to heat terrarium.

Choosing the type of heater devices will depend on your reptile’s requirement, your preferences and also your budget.

If you are unsure what are the best aquarium heaters, and there are many things you do not know about reptile heater, follow this post about the most commonly available terrarium heater that use for reptiles.

#1 Heat pads

The heat pad is the device that normally placed in the bottom or sides of the terrarium. The placement of the heating pad will depend on your species of reptiles. Heat pad provides the warmer part in the cage where reptiles can stay on when they need to increase their body temperature.

The heat pat creates the warmer part in the cage that means the opposite part of the cage will be cooler. This will make the gradient temperature for your reptiles.

Heat pad does not emit light, therefore you can use this heat source even at night without bothering your reptile. Due to this, the heat pad is suitable for nocturnal reptiles.

#2 Radiant heat lamps

There are 2 different types of radiant heat lamps are incandescent and halogen heat lamps. Heat lamps are the best option for the reptiles that prefer to bask such as bearded dragons and corn snakes.

Halogen lamps will better maintain humidity since it is less likely to dry the air than incandescent lamps. But incandescent lamps have strong power and cheaper.

#3 Ceramic heat emitters

Ceramic heat emitters offer the infrared heat and not emit light. Therefore you can use it even at night and do not mess up the day and night cycle of your reptiles. It is important to use a ceramic heat lamp with a thermostat to prevent overheating the enclosure.

#4 Mercury vapor bulbs

Mercury vapor bulbs provide both heat and UVB rays for your reptiles.  There is a down back that cannot connect mercury vapor bulbs with the thermostat. Due to this, it is unsuitable for using mercury vapor bulb in the enclosure since it can overheat your reptiles.

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