Snake Bite Stories: Real-Life Experiences that Will Scare You

This post will quickly look at some legitimate snake bite stories that will give you a reason to be more careful when you are out in the wild. Some of these stories may be unbelievable and others are downright scary, which can send chills down the spine. To prevent these horrific snake bite stories from happening to you, trap snakes so that they cannot reach your home or be prepared with a best snake bite kit to immediately get rid of the venom.

SNAKE BITE: A Petal child is recovering in a Jackson hospital after being bit in the face by a snake

An Amputated Thumb

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  • An Amputated Thumb
  • Stupid Declaration of Love
  • First Aid Treatment Failure
  • Bathroom Situation Gone Wrong

Some snake bites can kill you. Others, meanwhile, can cause a thumb to be amputated! This is exactly what happened to a person who has been bitten by a sharp-nosed viper, which is known to cause hemorrhagic shock to its victim. The bite first looked like a harmless cut. However, the snake that caused the bite is known for being extremely venomous and can quickly destroy the tissues. The walls of the blood vessels are damaged and internal bleeding happens. To prevent the venom from spreading, the thumb has to be amputated.

Stupid Declaration of Love

This story might seem romantic, but for others, this is actually disturbing and idiotic. A young Russian man who used to work as a zookeeper went across the board to show his wife his apology. He began a YouTube live stream to express how sorry he was for hurting his wife. To be able to grab attention, he had himself bitten by a black mamba snake. He encouraged viewers to text his wife and help him make things right. However, during the live broadcast, he died from the venom of the snake that bit his finger.

First Aid Treatment Failure

When a snake bites, first aid treatment should be administered as soon as possible. However, for this man from Tennessee and his friend, the first aid treatment did not work as expected. A man came into the house of his friend bringing a copperhead snake to determine its gender. Bringing such a kind of snake needs a permit. Otherwise, you can be detained for an illegal act. With this, when the snake bit the person inspecting it gender, the owner decided to extract the venom on his own. He did not call 911 because of the fear of being held by the police. Unfortunately, his friend was left unconscious and died shortly.

Bathroom Situation Gone Wrong

If possible, we avoid gas station bathrooms because they are known for notoriously being dingy. But, when nature calls, you have no other choice but to answer it. This is exactly what happened to a man from Texas. When he was already seated on the throne, he noticed a rattlesnake on the floor. Before he could even pull his pants up and make an escape, the snake bit him on his hand. The man, sadly, died because of the bite. Such a kind of snake is known for causing serious damage to its victim shortly after the bite if medical attention was not administered.

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