Oprah’s Books Are Made of Gold

Grab a mirror. Look at yourself. Look at yourself in the eye. What do you see? What do you remember? Who does that person identify themselves as?

I’ve never been a cheerleader and I’ve never been a motivational speaker. I’ve found it to be ineffective and void of any power whatsoever. So I’m not going to tell you what it is you should see. (snore) Regardless of what I say about YOU, you are the one staring back at YOU in the mirror.
So I’ll tell you what you most likely see. You see a person where most of their ideinity has become a product of their most consistent complaints comprised by a bunch of funny words that you think make up an individual. Too old, too young, too fat, not smart enough, wrinkly, tired, stressed, sometimes happy, not good enough, sometimes funny, un-lovable too serious, unheard…
We mistake a lot of things in life. The most common mistake is mixing up a feeling, with reality. It’s really crazy actually, if you truly start thinking about how nuts humans are.
Example: you go to a movie. It’s this dramatic love story and somebody DIES. You cry. You have tissues- you are handing them to your friends they are crying your neighbor is crying everyone is crying. Do you know how many times Bruce Willis has died in a movie? 11. Robert DiNiro, 12. But every time your emotions at that moment are CONVINCED that he is dying yet again.
Truth- you can have real feelings when nothing is going on. Do you really think that a movie theatre is the only place this happens?
So with that in mind, go back to looking in your mirror. Knowing that something as silly as a movie can have you convinced that someone has died, apply that to some of the events in your life that are even more dramatic and have lasted longer than 90 minutes.

We feel powerless because we think that experiences, feelings, opinions, others opinions, laws, rules, etc are a valid test of reality and who we are. So we become gullible. Bullying. Kids are ending their lives because other kids call them a “worthless fag.” Is that kid a worthless fag? No, but he thinks he is. Why? Because someone said so. At one point, women couldn’t vote. Was there some shift in the energy of the universe that said they can now? No. Someone said they should. We passed a law (we spoke) and it became true. Blacks-drinking fountains-someone said- “blacks should have separate drinking fountains.” Oh ok.
What’s the common demoninator here? Someone saying something and a human believing it’s true. If there is a strong enough consensus to something that is said, everyone follows. And the authority of who says it, makes it even more real. If I handed you a diet pill and said “and now, you may eat everything you like” you would probably believe me. Oprah recommends a book and 100 respectable middle aged women lose their mind in her studio when they get it for free, like the books made out of gold.
What is happening here is someone of authority on a subject is saying that something is good or bad and therefore it becomes a reality to those listening. If Oprah says it’s a great book, it’s a great book! This is why we have celebrities endorse products. They are a person of authority, and if they say it’s good, then it must be.
Unfortunately you are at a loss. A loss of power to be precise. Someone else is creating your reality. In REAL reality, you have all the power.
So ask yourself this question: How do I occur for myself?
Do you occur as overweight? Do you occur as unmotivated? Do you occur as someone void of knowledge and resources? Void of love? Support?
Answer that, and then really wrap your head around this sentence: Your actions are trapped by the way you occur to yourself.
If you occur to yourself to be unmotivated, then you act less upon the things you want to accomplish. Do you occur to yourself as void of knowledge and resources? Then you will act like you know nothing. And your results in life, in ANYTHING, are directly connected to your actions.

When you occur to yourself as powerful, you will, without a doubt, go out and make things happen.

So, look at yourself in the mirror and make a decision of who you choose to be. Tell yourself, out loud. Tell your partner, your friends, your dog. Tell everyone. And just like Oprah promoting a book, it will become reality.

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