Inspector Gadget

Humans do not lack the power to change the world, we are just often blind to our tools to do so.

When we live in the mentality of being powerless, then we most simply are. The most influential people in the world aren’t made of a lighter weight, heat resistant, rust proof material. They all haven’t had the gift of a perfect childhood, above average IQ or a trust fund. The difference between a person in touch with their own personal power to change anything from their weight to the eradication of AIDS, and someone who has no power at all, is the awareness of choice. A healthy, productive, effective life is never impossible.

gadget [gaj-it]  -noun. a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article. —Synonyms
contraption; whatsis, doohickey, thingamajig.

Options give us choice= power. Try this on: become your own version of Inspector Gadget. Put yourself in the frame of mind that you have the solution for everything. Something starts to fall apart- screw driver. Something you want is out of reach- go go gadget arm. You’ve become the Home Depot for life’s hurdles.

Even if just for today, use your imagination with this concept. It can be fun, but without a doubt effective.

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