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E3 Opening to the Public for 2017

Having been closed to the public in the past, E3 will now offer the public the chance to attend the video gaming expo.

For video gamers, perhaps the most anticipated event of the year is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Gamers from around the world love to tune in online and via television to find out what the top operators in the industry are creating for the new gaming season. However, E3 was shut off to the public and was only open to those who are part of the video gaming industry, a major bummer for avid gamers. But, this year, officials of E3 have decided to open the video gaming expo to the public providing a limited number of full access seats to the event.

Come On In

According to reports by GameSpot, the video gaming expo will be letting visitors in from the general public to the California event with 15,000 full access tickets up for grabs. These tickets will include the entire three day event, which is scheduled to take place from the 13th to the 15th of June. The expo runs at the Los Angeles Convention Center and tickets will be affordably priced at $150.

So what does this mean for gamers? Instant access to the top company’s new products and gaming consoles. Hours of watching new games being unveiled and getting to see new games before your friends. Tickets will start out at $150 but once the first 1,000 tickets are sold, the price tag goes up to $250 per ticket. Tickets go on sale the 13th of February at 9am Pacific Time and would make the perfect Valentine ’s Day present for the gamer in your life or for yourself!

It will not be unheard of to see the tickets soar in price on sites such as eBay or other avenues. This could be done by individuals who want to make a quick buck or those who may end up not being able to attend the event after purchasing a ticket.

Expect a Different Show

Cnet spoke with VP of ESA Rich Taylor who said that visitors to E3 should expect a different show. Speaking to Taylor last year, the VP stated that the event has to cap attendance to around 50,000 each year. This number would normally include the press, business people and guests of the exhibiting companies. So this number will now have to include the general public. Booths were packed narrowly in the past due to the lack of general public. Now, this will have to change.

With more people coming to see the latest innovations, there has to be a flow of traffic. If you have ever been to a comic con type event you know how crowded it can become and what there is to see and do. With E3, it might not be what visitors expect it to be.

Sure when you watch E3 on television, you get to see the new gaming footage and watch how new products are used and have been developed, but this type of entertainment is instant. When you attend the event, expect to wait in long lines and you may not even be able to get seating in some expo events. This is certainly something to consider when thinking about going to the event.

While it would be nice to see the new gaming options for 2017 and beyond in person, you might find that you can do it more comfortably from home, saving your money to actually buy the new products and games as they are released.