Why you should and should not use mag fed paintball gun?

You have heard about mag fed paintball gun, you want to change your playing style and are tossing around the idea of picking up a mag fed gun. There are some of the changes that will occur when you switch from standard hopper to mag-fed.

Mag fed guns design tends to make the guns look like the real and also offers shooters more of the military experience. However, it also makes the game more challenging and usually is recommended for experienced player only. If you just can’t decide if purchasing on the best mag fed paintball gun is right or not, I can help with your decision by going to the details of the benefits and drawbacks of mag-fed paintball.

#1 Real military experience

The most attractive reason that make many players are shifting towards this style of play is the wonderful feeling that it creates. Since the traditional loader provide a gaming experience to savor, mag fed gun will make the game more realistic looking and will give you a more battle like feeling while playing.

Magazine fed paintball guns are the more intense and challenging version of paintball markers. They come in many shapes and sizes from small pistols to rifles. They also can be used for close quarter fights as well as for long range snipping.

If you are who looking for an exciting game of paintball, then nothing better for you than a mag fed paintball gun. Once I have more experience on this game, I want something that more challenging and stimulating to give me a feeling of realism in this paintball games, this is why I get start with this mag fed markers.

#2 First Strike Round

Aside from militaristic style of play, these is one more advantage of mad fed guns is the Tiberius Arms First Strike rounds. These First Strike rounds are invented by Tiberius Arms, they fly much further, straighter and flatter than traditional round paintballs.

That means the range and accuracy of these rounds are much higher than normal paintball out of the skies, and you will have a bigger chance to actually hit what you are plant to shoot at with just one ball.

#3 High price

While there are some awesome benefits to the mag fed paintball markers, but the biggest drawback of them is more expensive than traditional model. Mag fed paintball guns are usually less mainstream. Most players are still more prefer to use hopper fed gun. This make its less production runs and higher costs. You may have to pay 300$ for the quality mag fed guns.

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