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Twitch Broadens Scope of Streaming Site with Communities Section

Twitch has provided a new section to their streaming site called Communities to focus on gamer interests.

Streaming has become the hot new trend in gaming these days as players share footage of video game play featuring a variety of games. Other gamers can tune in online and check out the best of the best in top games or those who may be less than stellar at a video game but fun to watch. Either way, Twitch has become the go-to source for gaming footage and helps gamers to earn money while doing what they love. As part of a push to broaden their horizons in the gaming sector, Twitch recently announced a new section has been created. Communities will now be available to gamers, featuring categories such as cosplay, music and more.

Communities Launch

Twitch has provided the Communities section to give gamers more content in a variety of categories. Users can choose to view information from existing categories such as gaming cosplay, painting, food, music and more. Members also have the ability to set up a community of their own with a topic of their choosing.

Many categories in the Communities section will have a specific focus such as a gaming title or type of gaming. This will help users to narrow down what they are viewing or following. The launch of Communities is just one of many changes that Twitch has seen within the past year which has placed an emphasis on gamers. The new launch was intended to focus on the player but also bring in new users.

Last year, Twitch launched a new channel titled Twitch Creative. This new channel provided an outlet for gamers to display their paintings, songs, costumes, etc. all of which were inspired by gaming.

Making it Easier for Users

With the new launch of Communities, Twitch is making it easier for players to find content on the site. The different categories are being reorganized for easier searching as there is an expanded amount of content now listed on the site. The change has made discovery of content easier but also given members a way to create their own communities. When a new community is created, a directory listing is added, which makes the new content easy to find.

Twitch Product Marketing Manager, Sheila Raju, commented on the new option by stating that Twitch had heard from their streamers along with viewers that they wanted a way in which to create specific groups and organize these groups based on topics like cosplay or esports. With the Communities section, users now have the power to create such groups as they see fit while also providing creators a tool to expand audiences. According to Raju, if a streamer has an interest that is shared with others then the Communities section is where that group can live.

The creator of the community can then personalize the option, setting specific rules with a customizable avatar and banner. A Community Leader will be designated and moderation tools provided to the leader. This gives the leaders permission to create timeout channels as well as ban anyone who goes against the specific rules set in the community.

In the communities there is also a stream wall featured which will show the live content from the creators who will broadcast to the community. For those who stream, associating with a selected community can provide more exposure which means more followers. Communities are also public so that anyone can view the content at any time. This allows users to be able to find various streamers who they would like to follow.