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Rise & Shine for the Xbox One

Rise & Shine for the Xbox One

Genre: Action, Indie

Rating: M

Developer: Super Mega Team

The Storyline

Rise & Shine is a colorful, exciting and thick plotted video game that can be played on the Xbox One as well as on the PC. The look of this game is one that will appeal to players of all ages, but it is rated an “M” for mature, which leaves some of the younger generation out.

Rise & Shine takes players to Gamearth, a planet that was once peaceful and one where different species all managed to cohabitate without any real difficulties. However, this loving and tranquil planet was suddenly attacked by space trouble makers who go by the name “Nexgen”.  The battle was ugly and it left Gamearth in a bad way. After the initial strike an 11 year old boy by the name of “Rise” and a powerful gun that goes by the name of “Shine” become Gamearth’s best hope for salvation.

The game has an impressive design to it and there are a lot of things going on. The player is definitely going to be kept on their toes for the duration of their gaming session when they play Rise & Shine. This game is one that combines a variety of elements to create a fascinating blend of strategy and action. The players will be able to switch between Shine’s add-ons to solve puzzles that can then redefine what the bullets do. Shine is an impressive piece of equipment that can guide projectiles through busy and intricate mazes. Shine also has a multitude of other talents that prove to be a real game changer.

When this game first comes up on the player’s screen they may see it and immediately get the sense that it’s going to be a cake walk. However, they will quickly learn that Rise & Shine is actually a pretty complex game with a lot of challenges and plenty of difficulty that will keep them engaged and working hard to succeed at their missions. Players will be up against missile attacks, hidden traps, a multitude of enemies that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and much more.

Players will work hard to make it through the levels in Rise & Shine, making each accomplishment one they can take pride of ownership in. Rise can make the necessary moves for survival and attack, such as jump, dash and take cover when the option is available. However, it would be nice to have a little more flexibility in his movements.

The Graphics

The graphics in Rise & Shine are one of the things that helps the game to immediately capture the attention of anyone who sees it. There are great colors and a lot of small details added in the game to give it an exciting look. Another great thing about the graphics is each one of the levels the players can earn their way through in this game have a whole new set of elements, giving the game a more interesting design. Players will have a lot of fun seeing all the different little touches come together with all the large elements in a way that creates an explosive gaming atmosphere. It must be said that there is a more than impressive amount of attention paid to the details in this game.

The Sound Effects

The sounds in Rise & Shine help to pull everything else together. The background music, the sound effects and the far off background noises all help to tell the story and to give larger impact to the action that is taking place on the screen at the moment. This is a game that’s best played at a higher sound setting, so players should prepare to play in a room by themselves or with their gaming headphones on.

The Conclusion

Rise & Shine is a video game that starts with a strong story that gets players amped up to help save the planet. They are also able to truly enjoy the likable figures and will find themselves despising the bad guys. The story, the characters, the gaming options, the graphics, the sound effects and all the unique elements all come together to create one amazing video game.

I found the Rise & Shine video game to be an extremely fun one and I see myself spending a lot more time on it in the future. Along with everything already mentioned in this game, I also appreciated the fact that it is one I can improve on significantly with time and experience.