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Pokemon Go: For IOS, Android

Pokemon Go: For IOS, Android

Genre: Real World Adventure

Rating: E

Developer: Niantic

The Storyline

Pokemon Go is a one of a kind game. It is one that beckons to just about all types of gamers of all ages. This game has been developed in a way that gets gamers out of their gaming chairs and off of their couches. It directs them outdoors and even better, it directs them to specific locations where many gamers can gather to do battle. This provides them with the perfect environment and opportunity to meet other likeminded people they can possibly form new friendships with. Along with providing players with a game that takes social interaction to a whole other level, the game also adds in some other popular elements such as a player’s phone’s navigational system, the phone’s camera and the world itself.

The goal in Pokemon Go is for the player to collect as many different types of Pokemon as they can. They will also train them and hatch some. This game works by using GPS coordinates to randomly place Pokemon in specific areas. There are no limits to where these Pokemon can show up. They can even be found in a players home, in their yard, at a church down the street, at a store, in parks, on sidewalks and virtually anywhere else.

Players can go outside and walk around to capture Pokemon. They will catch them by lining up their device with the Pokemon using its camera. Then, they will slide the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen to capture the Pokemon. If players aren’t careful the Pokemon can escape capture. There are certain methods of moving the ball players can use to increase their chances of a successful capture. There are also elements players can earn or even buy that allow them to cause more Pokemon to gather in specific locations, increasing the players chances of capturing more of them. For example, a player can choose to set off incense which attract Pokemon. When a player uses incense, other players can also come to that location and enjoy the benefit of the extra Pokemon. For this reason, a lot of players like to announce a time and place when they will be using their incense so other players will come and meet up with them.

There are also Pokemon gyms at designated spots. These are gyms that a certain Pokemon team will be in charge of. However, another team can battle the current controlling team and take over the gym. Players will train their Pokemon to strengthen them and prepare them for battle. Each Pokemon will also have its own strength level to begin with. Obviously, catching the more powerful Pokemon is a great goal to set for one’s self. There are three teams and a player can choose to join the one they want. These teams include Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct. The gyms are great places to meet up with a lot of other players and get to meet new people.

The Graphics

The graphics in Pokemon Go are fantastic, especially since they include the real world. The Pokemon who show up look like real creatures adding to the player’s enjoyment of capturing them. There is also a version that doesn’t include the player’s camera and the graphics in this version help to create a gaming environment that’s still exciting, but it isn’t nearly as fantastic as the real-world version. Each of the Pokemon are designed with vibrant colors that make them all real attention grabbers.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in Pokemon Go are great. There are sound effects for all of the different activities and steps in the game. Each of the Pokemon characters in the game will also have their own sounds and battle cries. There is entertaining and pleasant music in the game that doesn’t distract from the task at hand.

The Conclusion

The Pokemon Go game is so much different than the other video games on the market and this is one of the things that has helped it to catch on so quickly and capture the interest of so many players. It is a game that players can have fun with while they meet achievements and meet a lot of new people.

Pokemon Go quickly became one of my all-time favorite games and it is one that I enjoy on a regular basis. Along with doing quite well at the game, I have also met quite a few people in real life through playing it. I live in a rural town, so I was originally concerned about the amount of Pokemon and gyms I would have access to, but I was immediately impressed to see that there was plenty around my area.