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NOLO VR: A New Virtual Reality System

Developers have created a new virtual reality system known as NOLO VR which provides games with the option to enjoy Steam VR titles via smartphones.

In the past, virtual reality seemed to be the wave of the future. Individuals dreamed of being immersed in a world that was fiction and fantasy. Now, virtual reality is an actual reality as there are several gadgets on the market today that provide access to the unique technology. New products are being created at a fast pace as gamers want to be able to enjoy the next wave of new tech when it comes to virtual reality. Just recently a team of developers including Lisa Zhao released information on a new product titled NOLO VR. This new product gives gamers the option to enjoy VR gaming on a smartphone device.


The new technology is a virtual reality system known as NOLO VR. The new system had a specific purpose during the design phase; to allow users the option of playing Steam VR titles on a smartphone device. The new product has launched via Kickstarter and has been able to raise more than $90,000 in just a short amount of time. Time still remains on the campaign so the project may get enough funds to bring the product to gamers located around the world.

The new unit has a 6 DoF Motion Tracking System that gives the user a front facing room scale virtual reality experience. The unit is compatible with android hardware and can also be used with mobile VR headsets.

Available via Kickstarter

Anyone interested in the product can go to Kickstarter and do an earlybird pledge for $99. Developers have provided information of their inspiration behind the gaming product as well as features of the unit and design type. The iOS compatibility has been explained so potential investors can see just how the new technology works.

According to the Kickstarter, the unit is compatible with mobile as well as Steam VR play. Players simply put on the mobile headset and then interact with the environment as they like. This gives the VR experience a more active role and allows the user to truly immerse themselves in the game. Such games as Job Simulator and Tilt Brush are compatible with the unit, along with other full motion tracked VR games.

NOLO VR allows the user to enjoy virtual reality without having to spend a ton of money on a new VR mobile headset. The future of virtual reality is in your hands as you connect the unit to the smartphone with a USB cable and then set the base station down. You are ready to begin enjoying any game and have the ability to enjoy game play anytime from anywhere.

The Mobile VR mode for this unit is completely compatible on iOS and the developers plan on releasing a iOS SDK in the future. With the Steam VR mode of NOLO, the unit is also compatible with an iOS device but the partner for streaming the games of Steam for the smartphone and NOLO, RiftCat/VRidge, is not supportive of iOS devices.

The company is currently working on making such devices compatible and think that the function will be released before this year comes to an end. On Android devices, users may not be able to enjoy the best performance, according to developers, as some functions are closed on the iOS system.

Visit the Kickstarter site today to find out more information about this VR product as well as having the option to take part.