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Corsair One

New Gaming PC Launched by Corsair Company

Corsair has announced the launch of their first ever gaming PC known as Corsair One.

Gaming is an activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Gaming can take place via various consoles such as PlayStation 4 and XboxOne or with a PC. Many gamers enjoy using a PC for their favorite video games due to the controls. A mouse and keyboard can make certain games more fun as well as the components of the computer. For PC gamers, a new computer has just been announced by Corsair, a PC components company. In the March issue of Maximum PC, the new console known as Corsair One has been announced with info provided on the new gaming system.

Corsair One

Corsair has spent many years providing top quality components for PCs including cooling systems, memory cards, cases and more. Now, the company has decided to use their knowledge of components to build a new brand of computers focused on gaming. The Corsair One is the first of many expected gaming computers to be created by the components company. Corsair should see great success in the gaming segment as the company is viewed as a top quality PC company. The resources of the company along with knowledge and skill should help to create the ultimate set-up in gaming.

According to various reports, the system should be a small form-factor computer with the muscle to power even the most complicated of games including the Witcher 3. The computer will also have the function to connect to quality monitors and displays including 4K widescreen. The front of the system features a USB port and HDMI which means that the system might also be ready for VR.

The product which has been dubbed ‘category-defying’ is being kept secret in some ways with only a little information provided by the company. The makers of the new PC are stating that there will be state-of-the-art performance and architecture with the company having built the new computer from the ground up. Radical design is expected for the internal components along with the unit having a smooth look. It appears that the system has side panel vents, based on photos, which suggests that the system will be able to easily vent any excessive heat during use.

According to Anand Tech, the front of the new PC is similar to another case created, known as the Carbide 330R. The case also looks similar to the Obsidian 550D but is not minimal in design. The tower seems to be quite shallow which means it may not be able to house an ATX motherboard. However, other components considered high end on the PC gaming scale should be able to be included.

Little is known

Aside from the few details that have been revealed based on photos of the Corsair One, the company is remaining hush-hush on the product. As the company makes the move to create a high-end gaming PC, the company will have to have customer support handling as well as create a new marketing scheme for the computer. It is believed that this product will be the most expensive the company has produced to date and the PC will need to be competitive if the company wishes to hang with other companies that provide PC units.

It can be tough for new companies to enter the world of PC gaming especially when it comes to offering a fully operable PC system. Other companies have flexed their muscle in the PC gaming world as of late including Samsung and Lenovo. It will be interesting to see how well Corsair will do as they enter this new realm in the computer industry.