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X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair Review

X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair

When you sit down to play a video game you know that you may be in front of that screen for the long haul. This means you should be prepared for the occasion. Make sure you are dressed comfortably, get yourself a nice cold drink to have next to you, make sure you have the lighting the way you want it and have your gaming area set up for the most comfort and excitement possible. The chair you game in can make all the difference to your entire gaming experience. A part time gamer may be happy sitting in any ole chair or couch while they play for a bit, but any seasoned gamer knows you need a chair that gives you much more than simply a place to sit. This review of the X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair will help you understand some of the many reasons why this chair may be the best choice for your video gaming needs.

Benefits and Features of the X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair

If you’re a fan of racing games then you already know just how much fun they can be in an arcade. When you slip into that booth and sit in a seat that makes you feel like you’re really behind the wheel of a car it can take your racing game to a whole other level. Sitting in the X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair will give you this same feeling while you are playing your favorite games in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t hurt to also have a chair that just feels good to sit in when you’re planning on playing a long game and luckily enough, this chair also offers players a very comfortable seat they can melt right in to.

The X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair is a fully contoured chair that moves with you. When you turn, it turns. When you tilt, the chair tilts right along with you. The Xbox or Playstation controllers come built in to the chair for the player’s convenience. The built in controllers allow the players to begin playing right away without the need to install any extra software before they get started.

The X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair is designed so players can sit in it in the same fashion they would a regular chair, with their feet set on the ground. However, it is also designed so they can kick their feet up on the lower extension so they can enjoy their gaming experience in a more laid back position if they should choose to do so. The very sturdy designing of the chair allows players to feel completely secure while they play. They won’t feel as if they have to take it easy if they want to get a little rough with their gaming movements. The free motion movements also keep up with the players so they can make hairpin moves and know that the X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair will be right there with them.

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s nice to have gaming chairs that are a bit more flexible with regards to catering to as many players as possible. The X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair is one that’s a medium sized chair with regards to its width. This allows small, medium and larger sized player’s to feel comfortable in it. However, some players of an exceptional size may find the chair to be too small for them. The chair is also flexible with regards to the different heights it will accommodate.


I found the X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair to be a great choice because of the overall design it offers. The moment I sat in it I found it to be extremely comfortable. It really did do a good job of keeping up with all of my movements and I didn’t find myself wondering at any time if I was going to be in danger of falling out of it the way I have done in the past with some of the gaming chairs. Anyone else looking for a good gaming chair should consider giving this one a try for themselves.