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About Me

Hello. My name is Jim Hall and I reside in Pennsylvania where I was born and raised. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember. This means I have been doing it long enough to see a tremendous change in the quality of games and gaming consoles. However, no matter how much better the quality of the video games of today are from their predecessors, video games have always offered me hours upon hours of great times, as well as plenty of those times when I’ve found myself frustrated and determined to improve my scores and/or achieve higher levels.

I am married and I have two children, a three year old daughter and an 8 year old son. My son is finally at the age where he has started to be able to enjoy some gaming time with daddy. Somehow I have managed to keep my wife happy and content while still fitting plenty of gaming time into my daily routine. I run a successful online store and this means my career conveniently allows me to fit all the gaming I want into my day without allowing my work to suffer.

Although gaming is that one hobby that has always been my number one hobby, I do have others that I enjoy regularly. I am very into photography, especially when I can incorporate much of the beauty of the state of Pennsylvania into my photographs. Of course, I also enjoy taking as many pictures as possible of my family. However, I’ve come to learn that small children don’t enjoy being photographed quite as much as their parents enjoy taking those pictures. I also enjoy going to the gym and end up working out 3 to 5 times a week. While I do maintain a healthy lifestyle and work on my physique, I’m not quite ready to become a subject in a weight lifting magazine anytime soon.

My wife keeps us eating healthy and is quite the cook. I also like to try out new recipes and I’ve become known as a pretty talented baker. I’m usually the one who bakes the children’s birthday cakes and I can be found sneaking off in the kitchen in the middle of the night to whip up a batch of cupcakes often. I’m not big on following recipes, but somehow most of what I throw in the oven comes out tasting just how I want it to.

I also enjoy reviewing the video games and gadgets that I try. I find reviewing the video games gives me a better perspective on them. Sometimes I will think up new strategies to try in a video game while I’m simply writing a review on that game. I’m always on the lookout for the latest gaming gadgets that can further enhance my video gaming experience. Throughout the years I’ve spent a good deal of money on gadgets that have done very little for my enjoyment of video games, but I’ve also added many fantastic gadgets to my gaming room that I look forward to using on a regular basis.

I must admit that I prefer to write reviews of video games that give me a lot of enjoyment. For this reason, readers will find that many of my reviews lean toward a positive side, rather than being full of negative aspects of the video games I write on. My collection of gaming gadgets includes just about every type gamers could think of. I have a number of gaming chairs, an impressive collection of controllers, many sets of headphones, a few different racing wheels, gaming gloves, a variety of guns and much more.

I should also point out that I have just about every gaming console on the market, dating back years. I save them all rather than putting them up for sale when they become obsolete. I find myself pulling down an old system out of the closet to enjoy one of my favorite games from the past regularly. My son is getting well versed on all generations of gaming consoles and I suspect that he is going to prove to be quite the accomplished gamer himself as he matures.

I welcome anyone interested in reviewing video games or gadgets to take a look through my site where they will be able to learn a lot from someone who’s more than happy to share their knowledge and experience on the topic.